About Us

At Top Grade Construction, we take pride in our committed and loyal group of employees who form our on-site supervisory team. They are notably qualified among oil & gas exploration and production companies, with many of them possessing extensive experience with municipal and highway construction, and maintenance and repair projects.

In addition to exceptional communication and leadership skills, our team possesses a wide range of skills and experience, including heavy equipment operators and mechanics, establishing project and geographic-specific rates and project quotations, as well as management in Safety and Safe Work Procedures programs.

All field operations, maintenance and transport personnel are qualified to Top Grade Construction's standard field safety certifications and operating procedure standards and also adhere to a safe and efficient operating protocol.

Top Grade is a proud member of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association, Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association and the Lloydminster Construction Association.

The communities we work and live in are important to us and we enjoy supporting them as we are able, by attending community events, providing financial contributions or reduced equipment rates.